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Make It A Cairn Christmas!


Cairn Illustrated is available for purchase here at Yukonshop.com!



Thimble & Fred

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Tom Clark Signed Artworks


NEW LIST OF ARTWORKS, Don't miss out!!!


Two artworks, Chubby, edition 31, and Mom Too, edition 69, are available from Dr. Tom Clark’s collection. Both sculptures are signed by Dr. Clark. Currently one of each is being offered from Dr. Clark’s collection. To view these creations, scroll down to "ONE OF A KIND" and follow the link.

PLACE YOUR YukonShop.com ORDERS from the list of artworks below. All artworks will be signed by Dr. Clark before shipping. This event ends September 1, 2013.

Due to limited quantities, orders will be filled on a “First come, First served” basis. Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for shipping. Prices may change without notice. Listed below are the Tom Clark artworks featured in this special offering.

Summer Favorites

Summer Favorites: Akorn, Albright, Bacall, Barrow, Blossom, Bogie, Bulb, Cassidr, Cedar, Dr. Green Jeans, Gideon, Heroes, Mae, Mr. Green Thumb Junior and Mrs. Potter.

To view these artworks and see pricing, type in the name of the artwork into the search window located in the upper right corner of the home page.

For Summer 2013 Featuring Dr. Thomas Clark’s special artworks from his People At Prayer Series:
#5186 Bob RLS
#5901 Dorothy

Promotion Artworks to view photos and to place your order.



Attention Tom Clark Collectors
Special Offer!
Signed Artwork by Dr. Tom Clark

For the First Time Ever, YukonShop.com presents a very limited offering of the
Tom Clark “State” Artwork Collection

This offering of pre-owned artworks consists of the following:
Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Michigan Bound, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New York, Northern New England, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Southern New England, Texas and Wisconsin. Click Here for Prices and Ordering!

PLACE YOUR YukonShop.com ORDERS from the list of artworks and your artworks will be signed by Dr. Clark before shipping.

Due to limited quantities, orders will be filled on a “First come, First served” basis.  Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for shipping.

Prices are subject to change.


Sunny Hamp
New Announcement to all Tom Clark Collectors!!!
 “One of a Kind” Artworks

Two artworks, Sunny, Item# 150, edition 1, and Hamp, Item# 105, edition 4, are being offered from Dr. Tom Clark’s collection.  Both sculptures are signed by Dr. Clark. 
Click here for photos, stories, prices and to place your order.



Cairn Christmas 2009 - Ike Jack

Tom Clark Gnomes-Buy One-Get One FREE

Buy one or more of the following 4 Tom Clark gnomes and get one free for each one purchased:

#5552 Lilypon $29.00
#5550 Barrow $29.00
#5548 Bulb $29.00
#5549 Wingnut $29.00

Buy 2 items, one of them will be free. Buy 4 items, two of them will be free. As easy as that!
This offer is limited only to the 4 items listed above.
* Our Customer Service staff will apply the discount manually to your order before charging it to your credit card.

5629.jpg 5636.jpg 5629.jpg
Chris (Seminar) Cairn Christmas 2008 Polar ExpressClaudetteSanta Sew
These toppers will prove to be a home décor highlight. Everyone will take notice of the lovable lady and gent topping your candles and candy jars.
[L-R]: Dr. Prevention-Dr. Remedy, Basset, Rabbit Tobacco, Star & Stripe, Odyseey, Liddy, Topper, Cairn Christmas 2007, Cheeta, Jesus At The Last Supper

Line III Special Creations

5622.jpg 5622.jpg 5622.jpg
Narcissi Bloem
Shell Oyl

[L-R]: Cairn Chritmas 2006, Cornfed, Isabel, Judas, Thaddeus, Simon the Zealot, Itsy, Bitsy

[L-R]: Belle, Cedar, Crown Of Glory, Dolly, Polly & Esther, Starbuck, Wellborn

Perennial Santa                   Christmas On My Mind

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